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What do you do when oral surgery makes it impossible to eat normally, or to even open your mouth at all? If you cannot chew for a time after your oral surgery, you may need to get creative about what you eat in order to get the nutrients you need and avoid become bored with your limited food choices.

Healing time for oral surgery can be anywhere from a few days to several weeks. For example, removing wisdom teeth typically requires seven to 10 days before you can eat normally. In a more long-term scenario, a malocclusion that requires jaw surgery may require that your jaw be wired shut for up to 6 weeks. This means that you will need to liquefy and sip all of your food for that amount of time. But don’t worry; we’ve got some ideas to help you get creative with your food.

In order to liquefy your food, you will need a high-powered blender. Below, we have listed several soft foods that you can eat, as well as some foods that you can liquefy. You may be hesitant to try some of these, but you may be surprised as to how good they taste:

-Ramen noodles
-Every kind of soup
-Scrambled eggs or sunny-side puree
-Applesauce and fruit puree
-Breakfast pancakes and soft cereals, like cream-of-wheat or oatmeal
-Meatloaf and some casseroles
-Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes
-All types of baby food
-Macaroni and cheese
-Milkshakes, smoothies, yogurt, ice cream

If you are preparing for oral surgery, we invite you to talk with our oral surgeons and team about what foods you can eat. You can schedule your appointment at Pacific Coast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery by calling us at 818-365-5636 or visiting our dental office in Glendale, California.