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Whether you are looking into dental implants to replace a single tooth or are in the market for dentures/partial dentures, you are making the correct decision. A dental implant will last you for years to come will giving your teeth the stability they need, as well as enhancing the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

To prepare for your implant, your oral surgeons will check the bone area where the implant will be installed to make sure it is strong enough to support your implant. The area may be too thin and if that’s the case, a bone implant will add the needed strength to the area.

The source of the bone graft can come from a few sources such as your own bone, a bone-like substance, or processed bone. The material used will add strength and mass to the bone. They can also add height or weight to the jaw through the graft if that is needed for strength.

You will need to wait a few months after your bone implant to have your dental implant treatment so that your bone implant can fuse to your bone area. After that, come into Pacific Coast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Glendale, California, for your dental implant treatment.

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