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If you’re having a tooth extracted from your mouth, it’s probably because it’s severely decayed or damaged, it’s causing more harm than good, or there just isn’t enough room in the mouth. We can successfully extract your tooth with one of two different treatments: simple or surgical tooth extraction. To tell you more about each treatment, they is happy to give you some details.

A simple tooth extraction is practical if the tooth is above the gumline and is easy to remove with dental tools, like forceps. Your surgeon will numb the mouth with an anesthetic and help you feel comfortable with a light sedative. If there are complications during the treatment, there is a good chance the extraction can turn into a surgical extraction. This could happen if your tooth breaks during the extraction and needs to be pulled out in pieces.

A surgical tooth extraction is practical if the tooth is below the gumline and has not erupted through the gums, like a wisdom tooth. Your surgeon needs to access the tooth by opening the gum tissue above it. Then, they need to cut through bone and tissue to remove it. Your surgeon will then likely numb the mouth with an anesthetic as well as help you relax with a heavy sedative.

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