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It’s true: just like the rest of your body, age can affect your dental health. The long-term wear and tear on your teeth from breaking down various food and other tasks can take its toll. However, that doesn’t mean you will lose all your teeth. In fact, you can keep all your natural teeth strong your whole life. Here are some tips to help you do that:

– Remember to brush your teeth twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush. If due to various health concerns, brushing becomes difficult, try substituting your manual toothbrush with an electric toothbrush instead.

– Remember to floss your teeth once every day with shred-resistant floss. If using regular floss is difficult, try switching to an alternative tool such as floss picks or a water flosser.

– If you have dentures, whether they are partials or a complete set, you’ll want to remove and clean them daily with a denture solution or plain water.

-The older you get, the more smoking and chewing tobacco will affect the health of your teeth and gums. We advise that you quit your addiction as soon as possible.

– The nerve endings in your teeth become smaller with age, making it more difficult to detect cavities or tooth decay. That is why your semiannual dental checkups become all the more important – so that we can help you detect any dental issues.

– Steer clear of foods that are difficult to bite into; your teeth are more susceptible to cracking as you age.

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