Our experienced oral surgeons may recommend a bone grafting procedure if you are missing teeth and preparing to receiving implants or another dental prosthetic. When you lose teeth, the supporting jawbone in the area of the missing teeth begins to resorb, or shrink. This leads to shifting of your remaining teeth, and it may eventually lead to those teeth becoming loose and falling out. By performing a bone grafting procedure, our oral surgeons can restore sufficient supporting bone to your jaw to support prosthetic teeth and ensure a natural and stable foundation for all your teeth.

Bone grafting involves transplanting a piece of bone from another area of your jaw, or body, to your jawbone. The best results are achieved with bone taken from your own body, but artificial bone material or bone fragments from a tissue bank may also be used. The graft then grows together with your jawbone to create a strong and more stable foundation for your teeth.

There are several types of bone grafting. Sinus lifts are bone grafting procedures performed on the upper jaw. Ridge augmentation is a bone grafting procedure performed on the lower jaw. When you visit Pacific Coast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we will evaluate your entire jaw to determine the type of bone grafting that will provide you with the best results.

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